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Kim's shady face

By Isabelle Esling

How often has Marshall been described as a vile person, a monster and a violent misogynist?
His lyrics have been used in women courses studies to demonstrate how bad Eminem’s music was for women’s image in young men’s minds. Some ignorant people also called him « a woman beater ».

I came up today with the non hidden intention to destroy those legends for ever, well weaponed with true facts coming from Detroit insiders’ mouth. Facts that will even close Eminem’s detractors mouth…at least for a while.

Matter of fact: Eminem has misogynistic sounding lyrics. He also dissed and « murdered » Kim in his lyrics several times.
The anger expressed in « ‘97 Bonnie and Clyde » and in « Kim » are based on real facts, as most of you probably know. During the period Eminem was dating Kim in the past, he was neighbors with Detroit underground rapper Hush. Both men were friends and used to live between Nowara and Bentler Street in Detroit.
MC Hush will testify that each fact in Eminem’s lyrics can be verified as true:

“Everything he says in his rhymes is true." (Mc Hush)

Eminem and Mc Hush knew each other very well. They used to collaborate for Da Ruckus, which is MC Hush’s group. Some of you have probably heard the Da Ruckus produced Uncle Ill- Eminem song « We Shine ». MC Hush has also produced the beats of the mischievous Slim Shady EP.

MC Hush is a key person who has witnessed Marshall’s rocky relationship with Kim. He knows how much Marshall struggled to provide a comfortable life for his family and his frustrations with the flop of his Infinite album at the time both men had little kids to feed:

“By summer of ’95, Em was like, ‘Man I got a baby on the way. I gotta do something, I gotta make some money or there’s no way I can take care of this shit.’ He just seemed overwhelmed. …
“I remember a few months before our babies were due riding together to do a cable TV show. He didn’t even want to go. I was like, ‘You got to promote your shit,’ but he was just angry. He’d put out Infinite, and it wasn’t doing well.” Rap radio “wasn’t real wild about playing a record by a white kid. Everybody was talking that Vanilla Ice shit. When [radio DJ] Billy T. did finally play it, he actually faded it out just when Em’s verse came up. He was crushed. He was like ‘Man, if this record doesn’t hit, this is it, I quit.’”

At the beginning Marshall’s financial difficulties were that big that Hailie couldn’t live with him:

“Hailie was born Christmas Day 1995 — my son was born right before that. But Em wasn’t living with Kim because he had to get his act together,” Hush recounts. “He had a car, this beat-up Mercury Tracer, and he’d get a job, making pizzas, cooking, whatever — he’d go from one job to another. But he just didn’t have the money, so Hailie had to live with Kim and her parents on the east side.” (Mc Hush)

Kim’s manipulative character clearly appears in Marshall’s former friends’ statements.

Hailie has always been caught in the middle of the couple’s arguments and (sadly) Kim used their daughter as a destructive weapon against Marshall:
“Sometimes he’d have Hailie for the day over at the house on Novara. Kim would just show up and grab Hailie and he’d be like, ‘You bitch!’ She was always holding stuff over his head for him to see the baby, like spending more time with her instead of his friends. He kept on saying he was gonna kill her ass. That’s what [the song] ‘Bonnie and Clyde’ came from.” (MC Hush)
As I stated it in a preceding article, Marshall never laid a finger on Kim, no matter what happened between the two of them. On the contrary, Kim was the one to slap her ex husband:

“He and Kim had to fight like once a day; it was a mandatory thing. Always in the kitchen. I’d hear her smackin’ him and no matter what he wouldn’t hit her back. I hate to say it, but she kicked the shit out of him. He would never hit her. But she’s a manly chick.” (DJ Rec)

MC Hush recalls their strong arguments too:

« When they were in a fight he’d scream a little but back down. There was something in him afraid of her, enough to let her win all the time. He was afraid she wouldn’t let him see his daughter. »

Marshall has never been physically violent and he even accepted to capitulate in front of Kim, for the love of his daughter. Some might call it the attitude of a coward. I call it fatherly love. Nothing is more important to Marshall than Hailie and he didn’t care losing the fight in front of Kim as long as his relation to his kid could be kept safe. Which is admirable.

Moreover, Kim has always put Marshall in very embarrassing situations. The Hot Rock Café incident is not the only one although it is well known from the public.
In 1997, Kim has taken a job in the Oasis Executive Spa on Van Dike Center Line. This is a massage parlor. Sounds normal…at first sight.
But the trouble is, the parlor was engaged in prostitution business.

Debbie tried to hide what Kim’s job was about and gave a call to MC Hush:

« His mom called me up one day and was like ‘You gotta go get Marshall because he’s gonna kill her… »

This « unusual job » was driving Marshall mad when he knew. She had to stop it.

An attentive and further examination of Marshall and Kim’s story from the beginning till now allows us to understand some major elements of their relationship and will lead us to some conclusions:

-Kim has always been manipulative towards Marshall. Marshall can be considered -literally- as her victim in their love life.
- Marshall appears to be the stable member of a dysfunctional family. As far as we can look into his past, he has fought to offer Kim and Hailie a stable home fulfilled with love. His former lyrics are the expression of the deception and the frustration in his love life and an urgent call for Kim to realize what’s she’s been driving him through.

Slim Shady might be a scary character, but Kim often revealed her shady face in real life.