Why am I an Eminem fan?

Why am I an Eminem fan?
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Why am I an Eminem fan?well that's a good question!
Umm.....well.....maybe because he is real,not like other artists out there that pretend to be other way then they really are.
Maybe because he talks about the things that matter to me...I hadn't had a childhood like he did but I can't say I grew up with a silver spoon in my mouth...I can easly say I can relate to some of his songs.......and this gives me strength,power to "not give up and not to be a quitter"!
I also love him for what he really is,not for some people see him....I mean for his real side,like he is when he's not Slim Shady,when he's Marshall,the quiet and quite shy person,that would do anything for his baby Hailie Jade.
Anyway,I can say Eminem is my therapy....whenever I am sad,angry or simply have a bad mood but also when I'm happy or excited,one of Em's songs feels like it's been written for me.
Anyway,don't think that I center my life around him,that I am just an obsessed teenager...cuz I ain't that:).....well....I really had to work a lot to convince my family that I don't have an obsession and that I'm not in love with him as my grandmother used to say:)).....but I convinced them after all LoL...
I hope y'all enjoy my site cuz I created it,first of all,as a "tribute" to Em,and second,to share my info and my opinions and maybe open your eyes regarding some facts that you saw different before.