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About me...umm....what can I tell u about me?
I'm a normal teenager,who goes to a normal school:D...
I live in Romania,in the Central Europe...I know some of you didn't hear about Romania before so I have to tell you that Romania is the country where the legend says Dracula Transilvania,wich is in the center of my small but beautifull country.
But I am also a big Eminem fan.I started to listen to him when I was in 6th grade.I remember I didn't like him before a friend told me her favourite song was "I'm sorry mama"LoL and I was curious to listen to it...I really loved the song and I started to become curious to listen to Em and to find out more about him:) was impossible for me to find out so many things and to listen so much to him and not to become a fan,one of the soldiers in the Shady Army.And I'm not sorry I was curious to find out more cuz Em gave me courage to speak my mind,not to hide from my enemies but to face them and to become what I am now:)
As soon as I had the posibility,I created this webpage about Em and his family to share my info and my pics with you and to give the world the chance to know Marshall as he really is and not as some people see him.
I hope you'll enjoy my page and I hope you will want to know Marshall as he really is.