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Maybe to some of you this is familiar,for others this makes their heart beat faster,anyway,imagine at least it's all about you and be just for a little Marshall,no Mat(h)ers what.


An average rapper wouldn't be able to grace the pages of Rap Pages,VIBE,Rolling Stone & Co.,and go in a tour around America months before his major-label debut album was released.Then again,Eminem isnt't an average rapper!He's phenomenal!;)

When he was born,his mother was only 15 and his father left them only 6 months later.
Marshall spent his early years moving between Detroit and Kansas City.When he was 12,he stopped in the east side of Detroit.Changing schools every 2 or 3 months,it was hard for him to make friends,graduate and stay out of trouble.
However,rap became Marshall's solace.Battling coleagues in lunchroom was a little joy in what otherwise was a painful existance.He got the name M&M(wich will be later written Eminem)when he was 17.

Rejected by most of the rappers because he was white,he grew up with a hidden hate wich he was going to show later in his music.

After failing 9th grade 3 times he gave up school but he never considered him stupid and never told others to follow him .He only atmitted that school wasn't for him.

Doing his best in freestyle competitions he got into the rapgame and decided never to give up.

He called his first album Infinite.Even if only under 1000 persons bought it,Marshall becomes a "milionaire":this happened when Kim Scott,his girlfriend for many years gave birth to a baby girl.Hailie Jade Scott was born on 25.12.1995 and was the greatest Christmas present that Marshall could ever get.

So he decided that he had to do something for his little baby to lead a better life then he had.

Having nothing to lose after all and having no idea where he'd live next week,Marshall began working on what would become later the Slim Shady EP-a project made for himself.Featuring several scatching lines about local music industry personalities as well as devious rants about life in general,the set quickly caught the ear of hip-hop's difficult-to-please underground.

In 1997,Eminem sings up for Rap Olympics in L.A. hoping to win the 1500$,wich he really needed.
After battling those rappers for more then 1 hour,Marshall won second place.

Being angry,he hadn't noticed that he had been apreciated by the producers from Interscope who were searching for young tallents.Dre was there too.

What came next was 4 traks in 6 hours of working with the new team then the first official Eminem LP.

Now,that Eminem's collaboration with Dr.Dre was official,Dre got his second album out.The Marshall Mathers LP sold 8 milions copies,won 3 Grammy's,became the album of the year and brought Eminem millions.

Two years later,comes out The Eminem Show(bringing Em more then 29.000.000$)and Em makes a movie(8 Mile).

Meanwhile,Em and Kim break up and he is in danger to go to jail.Otherwise,Marshall has only one word to describe his own life:claimer.

How cool you have to be to want to rap,being white and succed,not to finish school,having a baby and having no money,be noticed by Dr.Dre,become rich in no time and sing with Elton John just to prove you are not a homophobe?
Well,cool enough to be called Eminem...

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1972 - Marshall Bruce Mathers III is born in Kansas City, Missouri. His mother is Debbie Briggs and his father is Marshall Bruce Mathers, Jr. The family moves to North Dakota.

1973 - Debbie leaves Marshall, Jr. and moves back to St. Joseph, Missouri. (St. Joseph is near Kansas City)

1982 - D'Angelo Bailey bullies Marshall badly enough to send him to hospital. Debbie files a lawsuit against the school board.

1987 - Marshall quits school to work at Gilbert's Lodge, a bar-and-grill restaurant in St. Clair Shores, Michigan. He is paid minimum wage.

1988 - Marshall is jumped by a group of black youths outside the Bel-Air Shopping Center on 8 Mile. As Marshall walked home, the black guys in the car gave him the finger. He flashed the finger back and thought nothing of it. Meanwhile, the car had turned around in the mall parking lot, but he didn't notice. They caught up with him, got out of their car, and one of them punched Marshall in the face then pushed him down into the mud. When Marshall got up they continued pushing and threatening him. One of them pulled out a gun, and when he ran away the mud made him run right out of his shoes. As he was running away, they fired the handgun at him. A passing motorist chased the attackers off and gave him a ride home. Marshall thought they wanted his brand-new, expensive basketball shoes, (LL Cool J Troops) but when he returned to that spot the next day, his shoes were still there in the mud. The only reason they attacked him was he was white.

1991 - Marshall's uncle Ronnie kills himself after his girlfriend leaves him.

1994 - Eminem and Bizarre join The Outsidaz.

1995 - Eminem's daughter Hailie Jade Scott is born to his then-girlfriend, Kim Scott on Christmas Eve.

1996 - Eminem releases Infinite.

1997 - Eminem releases The Slim Shady EP. He is featured in The Source's Unsigned Hype article and competes in the 1997 Rap Olympics in Los Angeles. He finishes second, but he is noticed by Interscope Records President Jimmy Iovine and Dr. Dre. It leads to his signing to Aftermath Entertainment.

1999 - Eminem founds Shady Records, and releases The Slim Shady LP. D12 member Bugz is murdered, and Swift replaces him in the group.

2000 - Eminem releases The Marshall Mathers LP.

2001 - D12 releases Devil's Night.

2002 - Eminem's movie, 8 Mile, is released. It also stars Kim Basinger, Mekhi Phifer, and Brittany Murphy. It is filmed on location in Detroit. Eminem releases The Eminem Show.

2004 - D12 releases D12 World, and Eminem releases Encore.