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What they say.....about Eminem


DR DRE: Kids can look up the Em as having come from nothing and made something out of his life. I've hardly made any friends since I've been in this rap game. Em is an exception.

EMMA BUNTON: He seems to me like a very angry man - I'd like to know why. Maybe it's a big old show. Who knows?

PAUL - S CLUB: He's well-styled. Virtually anyone who has their bleached now has it cos Eminem had it done. He's a real trendsetter.

MYLEENE - HEAR'SAY: We met him at the Brits and he seemed like a lovely guy, but I was surprised by how small he was. I thought he'd be about six foot or something, but he was only a titch!

MOBY: Eminem is very clever, but he's also a homophobe, a racist (Hoggwash - Ed) and a misogynist, and I find that objectionable. I don't see how I can lend any sort of support to an artist like that.

CHRISTINA AGUILERA: He's disgusting and offensive. I don't know what I said to disturb him but whatever I said, I'd say it again!

DIDO: I can honestly say he's one of the nicest people I know. The real Eminem is kind and considerate, but only a few people see that side of him. Out on stage he appears to be one of the most confident people in the world, but really he's.

JENNY - ATOMIC KITTEN: I really think he should ditch those dungarees - they make him look like he's having a baby! When he wears his tracksuit bottoms and white jumper he looks amazing, but those trousers? So unflattering!

RITCHIE - FIVE: He is edgy and he says things in his songs so it creates this whole situation where you've got all the media discussing whether Eminem is a good thing or not. I don't see what the big deal is, personally.

MADONNA: He's stirring things up, he's provoking a discussion, he's making people's blood boil. That is what art is supposed to do. Thank God he's rebellious and not well-groomed.

JONATHAN WILKES: I like Eminem but I wouldn't like my little lady or girl effing and blinding at the age of eight cos they'd been listening to him. That can get a lot of kids in trouble.

ELTON JOHN: Eminem's music is really hardcore, but it's intelligent hardcore stuff. It's funny, it's clever, it's poetry and it's musically interesting. Rock'n'roll has always been about pushing the buttons. I've met him and I can say absolutely that he is not homophobic.

KYM - HEAR'SAY: Whether kids listen to him or not is a job for the parents really. At the end of the day it's music and he's allowed his freedom of speech. And let's face it, it wouldn't be his music if he wasn't swearing all over the place!

GERI: He's quite the little poet, isn't he? I think he's very clever and great at expressing himself, but I don't think a lot of what he says is that cool. He really swears a lot as well, doesn't he? I mean, I do, too, but just not in public!

JOE: Personally I'm not really into a lot of what he talks about, but I can respect the skills he has.

ANASTACIA: I like his candidness, his humour. I think he struggled from absolutely nowhere to be someone who is able to express himself completely. I may not believe everything he says, whether positive or negative, but I admire his honestly.

JON - S CLUB: I think he's really clever and very well-marketed. Do I think he's a bad influence on kids? Yeah, but that's why he's so successful. He's also probably one of the only acts around at the moment that's cool for teenage boys to admire and look up to as well.

NATASHA KITTEN: I think he's a bit overrated (so are you love-ED) especially at the Brits. I didn't think his performance was too good. It was just a bit bland.

SCOTT - FIVE: I've got lots of respect for him cos he doesn't care who he upsets. By that I mean he's talking about real life. Most people are just too scared to say what they feel.

PINK: I'm over him now. That was so last year's crush!

CRAIG DAVID: For me, Eminem is a true poet of our times. He entertains people like no one else can with the raps and the story lines he has. Also, and this is always ignored, there are a lot of morals in his music. If you don't listen to every word he says, then you make him seem like a bad guy, but I don't think he is, I like him.

SHAGGY: He's a great, great guy. I think people will eventually see a tamer, more artistic Eminem. He's gonna move on. People are gonna see there is some real depth to this kid.

MARILYN MANSON: Eminem is an exception when it comes to rap and his album will play an important role in the right for free speech. I think he's not afraid to tell anyone and everyone to (bleep) off, and I like and respect him for that.


RACHEL - S CLUB: I don't think he's that much of a bad boy really, but I think he just wants to come across like that.

ANDRE - OUTKAST: Subject matter all comes from the individual who's writing it, so if that's what you's goin' through and that's what you feel, then it's freedom of expression.

CLAIRE - STEPS: I don't really like Eminem's stuff but that's just because it's not really my personal taste. He's controversial but if you don't like his records, then you don't have to buy them. (That goes for all Steps singles too - Ed)

KEISHA - SUGABABE: It's like writing a diary. You could have a really crap day and write it down all the stuff that happens. I'd tell people to stop analysing him. He says 'faggots' in his songs because to him it doesn't necessarily mean a gay person. It could mean sissy, or anything. He actually said that.

NOEL - HEAR'SAY: We've got his album in the house but I don't really sit and listen to it myself - bit I like a couple of his tracks.

CHUCK D - PUBLIC ENEMY: I don't like to get into the thing of the 'white rapper' cos he's just a kid who comes up from the 'hood, and he's good. If you were blind, you wouldn't be able to tell.

NELLY FURTADO: You'd really have to go and ask Eminem what he means by his lyrics, (check out his book my dear - Ed) I really couldn't tell you. I respect him as I kind of see myself as an MC of sorts. Not MC-ing as well as him obviously , so he's a proper rapper!

MISSY ELLIOTT: In time there are going to be more people who talk about worse stuff than Eminem and we're just going to have to deal with it.

DANE BOWERS: The man's just a total genius. I love him, everybody loves him and it was brilliant the way he silenced all of the gay-rights activists with his version of 'Stan' with Elton John at the Grammy's. It's up to the parents whether they let children listen to it or not. They know he's rude. He doesn't ask people to buy his records.

HANNAH - S CLUB: I don't really like his lyrics that much. It's more his naughtiness that I like! A lot of parents we bump into get quite upset if their kids are more into Eminem than us, and they say: 'I wish they'd ask for an S Club 7 album for Christmas instead of Eminem!'

MARK - A1: I think he's OK, but it's not really my style of music, I can see why all the kids love him cos he's like a cartoon character. I think he's brilliant at what he does because he's succeeded where a lot of what rappers failed.

LIL BOW WOW: I think that he just wants to express his feelings. Go ahead and express it. I don't think there's anything wrong with that.

BONO - U2: People should understand writing in the first person - about it not being you. There have been murder ballads since the Middle Ages; this is nothing new.

FRED DURST: The more people say Eminem's stuff is terrible, the more he's gonna make his stuff ten times worse than that - and they're gonna it even more!

Fred Durst & Slim Shady

SAMANTHA MUMBA: I think he's a really talented rapper and I'd love to work with him. We're on the same label in the US so you never know! I met him at the Brits and he was lovely - he told me he liked my dress.

SIOBHAN - SUGABABE: People shouldn't really take him so seriously. It's just music at the end of the day.

MARK - WESTLIFE: It's about time in this pristine world of pop that someone came in and actually started telling the truth. I know he digs at boy bands all the time and stuff, but there are a lot of people out there who don't like boy bands. And I never hold it against someone if they don't like our music.

NICK - BSB: I really like his music. He writes really intelligent lyrics and he's brought rap to a whole new audience.

FAYE - STEPS: For me, 'Stan, is a revolutionary piece of work. It kind of tells everybody what we're thinking from our side. And people don't realise what it's like. Even though it's quite harsh, it's kind of good to hear somebody actually say it as it is.

ROBBIE WILLIAMS: I have nothing but love and respect for Eminem.

BEN - A1: I went to see him live and I thoughts he was fantastic. For one geezer to be on stage and keep everyone buzzing without loads of flames, fireworks and dancers is amazing.

BEASTIE BOYS: No, never actually. He's obviously an incredibly talented rapper, but at the same time there's statements which he's making, which I know his defence is he's making them joking around or he's making them to be provocative on certain topics. But he's definitely making statements that I wouldn't make, because there's lyrics on our songs where we've been joking around about something, but then people have interpreted them on a serious level and that has therefore inspired actions that we never intended to do. That kind of made us like 'woe', we need to think about this for a second - people have to go through that themselves or evolve through that.