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Marshall's little baby....Hailie Jade

"She is my reason for being"


Hailie Facts

Hailie loves horses
Hailies Fave color is Purple
Hailie Hates stuck up people
Hailie can do a back handspring she's in gymnastics
Hailie loves to dance and sing
Hailie fave word is "Crazy"
Hailie has one cat and a dog
Hailie Loves to go to the park
Hailie likes rollercoasters
Hailie Loves to ride her skooter
Hailie likes to whatch mtv too
Hailie loves Britney Spears,JoJo and Christina Aguilera
Hailies Fave names R Ashley And Jenn
Hailie killed her 6th fish 2 months ago
Hailie Likes to learn how to cook (only little stuff)
Hailie likes to play soccer and basketball
Hailie Loves to drink water
Hailie likes McDonalds and Chinese food

More Hailie Facts
Name: Hailie Jade Mathers
Birthday: 25th Dec 1995
Parents: Marshall Mathers III and Kim Scott
Lives: Oakland Township
Attends: Chereokee Elementary
Siblings: Half Sister Whitney Scott
*Hailie's favorite show's are: Dora the Explorer, Hey Arnold and Spongebob.
* Hailie's best friend is her 11-year-old cousin Alaina.
* Hailie's hair color is light brown to Blond a mix of Marshall and Kim’s.
* Hailie loves it when her mom walks her and Alaina to school and picks them up.
* Eminem took Hailie to the premiere of 8Mile and he covered her eyes during the naughty scenes.
* Hailie's favorite colors are pink and purple.
*Hailie goes to the studio with her dad and while he is recording she plays video games or colors in.
* Hailie has been on 4 tracks with her father; My Dads Gone Crazy, 97 Bonnie n Clyde and Hailie's revenge also known as Doe Ray Me. [A diss track back to JA Rule]
* Hailie came up with the hook for my dads gone crazy she was running around the studio one day saying "Somebody please help him I think my dad's gone crazy" and she told her dad she wanted to say it on the Mic and she did.
* Hailie is in the Guinness records book for youngest r'n'b entrant with My dad's gone crazy.
* Hailie's eyes are a mix between green and blue.
* Chloe Greenfield had a sleep over with Hailie so she could get to know Eminem better before they filmed 8 mile.
* Hailie went to the 8 mile premier in a glittery gown and was snuck in a fire exit by Eminem&'s family to avoid the media while her dad walked the red carpet.
*Hailie and Em have a cat named Tigger.
*Hailie got her daddy a ring that says "Daddy" and he wears it on his wedding ring finger to replace.
*Hailie starts school at 8.30 am until 13.30pm
*Hailie loves Hello Kitty.Her room and her bathroom have a lot of Hello Kitty.She even has a toaster that burns Hello Kitty's face on the bread.


We all know that Marshall loves his daughter "more then life in itself"....So,here are some of his best quotes regarding Hai-Hai:
"Hailie Jade, Daddy loves you baby!"
"She is my reason for being"
"I did right by my daughter"
"The more adult I'm becoming, the more I'm realizing that [my music] might have an affect on her, or it might scare her, or she might hear a word or a sentence that she doesn't know how to take. I'd just rather not even play it around her."
"Being this little, the only thing I want her to worry about is playing What's she going to play with today? Is she going to play with dolls, is she going to color today?"
"I thank her every day. Every day I wake up, I thank her."
"I'm not as religious as I should be, but we do try and instill it in our daughter. We try to teach her wrong from right, having been as wrong as we've been."
"My little girl is beautiful. My little girl is going to be a movie star. She's only three, but she's so smart! Three going on seven."



The most touching words Eminem put into his brand new album are the words dedicated to his little daughter Hailie. When I first listened to the song, I loved the softness of the song and I couldnt hide my feelings, because I was moved deeply inside. When Marshall talks about Hailie, nobody could doubt his true feelings expressed into music.

Some people were chocked because Eminem made his personal issues and his dialogue with Hailie public. To all of you who were shocked by the personal character of Mockinbird, arguing about it and doubting Marshalls sincerity, let me tell you this:

-Marshall is a public person, his life is exposed by the media every day, people knew about Kim's whereabouts anyway

- Because Marshall has this particular kind of relationship with his public, he intends to share those precious words addressed to Hailie.

The song is like a beautiful necklace whose pearls the listener will collect one by one.

Marshall first adresses to Hailie to let her know that he is very conscious of her pain. Sometimes, Hailie feels lost between her mom's absence she is unable to explain and her daddy's absence for obvious professional reasons:

I know sometimes things may not always
make since to you right now
but hey what did daddy always tell
straighten up lil soldier
stiffin up that upper lip
what you cryin about?
you got me...

Marshall can read his daughter's pain in her eyes.

At the beginning of the song, Marshall goes straight to the subject. He talks about Kim's absence and about how much his daughter misses her mom. He also talks about his own absences that must sometimes be a huge pain into Hailie's heart. It is a matter of fact Hailie doesn't see her daddy very often. But Marshall ensures his daughter of his omnipresent love, which is the most important:

Hailie i know you miss your mom
and i know you miss your dad when I'm gone
but I'm tryin to give you the life that i never had
i can see your sad, even when you smile
even when you laugh i can see it in your eyes
deep inside you wanna cry cause your scared
i aint there, daddy's with you in your prayers
no more cryin, wipe them tears
daddy's here, no more nightmares

In the first verse, Eminem mentions another little girl, whose nickname is Laney. I've been asked by many people who this little girl was. Laney is Alaina, Dawn's (Kim's twin sister) daughter. Alaina has been adopted by Marshall, she currently lives with him and goes by the name Alaina Mathers:

Daddy's here, no more nightmares
we gonna pull together through it
we gon do it, Laney uncle's crazy
but he loves you baby and you better know it
we're all we got in this world when it spins
when it swirls, when it whirls, when it twirls
two little beautiful girls lookin puzzled
in a daze, i know its confusin you
daddys always on the move
momma's always on the news
i try to keep you sheltered from it
but somehow it seems the harder that i try
to do that the more it backfires on me
all the things growin up as daddy
that he had to see, daddy dont want you to see

Eminem has always done his best to keep Hailie sheltered from the scandals surrounding Kim, but sometimes he doesn't manage to protect her completely from this kind of exposure.

In the second verse, Marshall recalls the time when he was struggling for recognition., the dog years he went through across 8 Mile.

At this time, Marshall and Kim had no money, their appartement was often broken into and robbed. He recalls a dramatic event. Kim wanted to spare some money for Hailie's college:

and your mom was savin money for you in a jar
tryin to start a piggy bank for you so you could go to college
almost had a thousand dollars til someone broke in and stole it
and i know it hurt so bad it broke your momma's heart
and it seemed like everything was just startin to fall apart
mom and dad was arguin a lot

There are references to places in Detroit where Eminem and Kim used to live:

So momma moved back on charmas in a flat one bedroom apartment
and dad moved back to the other side of 8 mile on Novara

In fact Chalmas refers to Chalmer Street in Detroit that is located in Wayne county.

MC Hush, who was Eminem's formerly friend and neighbor at this time, has mentioned Novara street several times in an interview.

Marshall looks at some ancient pictures and he remembers his memories with Kim.

Then he addresses again to Hailie and Alaina, giving both girls strength and hope, telling them that Kim's situation is temporary. He wants them to understand that despite all, he can handle the situation and that he is here for them:

Laney, im talkin to you too, daddy's still here
I like the sound of that, yeah
its gotta ring to it dont it, shhh, momma's only gone for the moment

The third verse is touching and funny. Marshall is ready to give the world to his daughter. He will make her smile by any means:

i know mommy's not here right now
and we don't know why we feel how we feel inside
it may seem a little crazy pretty baby
but i promise, momma's gon be alright
and if you ask me to daddys gonna buy you a mockingbird
I'm gon give you the world
im'a buy a diamond ring for you im'a sing for you
i'll do anything for you to see you smile
and if that mockinbird dont sing and that ring dont shine
im'a break that birdie's neck
i'll go back to the jeweler who sold it to ya
and make him eat every karot, dont fuck with dad

The message of the song is reassuring : Marshall tells his daughter that sometimes we have no control of our destiny, but that Kim is gonna be all right.

Mockinbird, you'd better sing for Hailie or Marshall might break your neck!

Hailie keep your head up: your daddy loves you and remember he will always be there for you.

Click here to see pictures from the touching video,Mockingbird


Eminem interview on Hailie:

Marshall "Eminem" Mathers may liken himself and his daughter Hailie Jade to Bonnie and Clyde, but on the The Eminem Show, they'll remind you more of Master P and Lil' Romeo.

"I swear to you she was so natural at it," Eminem said of Hailie's appearance on the track "My Dad's Gone Crazy." "I would tell her something one time and she would do it. She would do all the little sound effects and whatever. And she's geeked to be on the song."

Shady said that many times when he makes music in one of his two studios he brings his 6-year-old with him, and she bides her time by playing video games while he spits his rancor in the vocal booth. And it looks like she's picked up more than just her dad's love of music from these visits to the studio.

"That's my little girl so she just goofy too," Marshall marvelled. "She just runs around saying things. One day we was in the studio doing a song and she was like, 'Somebody please help me, I think my dad's gone crazy.' I was like, 'Hailie, what did you say?' She said it again and she was like, 'Daddy I wanna say it on the mic.' "

Em said he doesn't let Hailie get on the mic every time she wants to, but with Dr. Dre coming to town the next day to work on a track, he thought it was an opportune time to let his child sing of his dementia.

"Mind you that the song has cussing' on it and whatever people think about it, she's gonna grow up in her life and hear worse," he affirmed. "So at least when she gets older she can grow up and say, 'My dad put me on a song. My dad sang songs about me, my dad put my name everywhere.' "

Shady is cognizant, however, that some of the lyrics in "My Dad's Gone Crazy" aren't necessarily suitable for young ears.

"I have a clean version that I made that I play for her," he said. "There's a couple cuss words that can slip by, and that's cool with me as long as she knows not to repeat them. I'm not gonna front, some of my songs got a lot of a little bit too much for a 6-year-old."

Eminem: The first time I really sensed it was flipping through channels and seeing my face on every channel. You kind of get sick of yourself. The first time I experienced it was probably walking through a mall or something and not realizing how many people really know who you are. I probably got the most unmistakable nose and chin in the business. Sometimes I'll go out and cover up [most] of my face. If they see one eye [people know it's me], it's crazy.

MTV: Your daughter Hailie is obviously a huge inspiration in your life and music, and the two of you have even recorded a song together. But does she know the depths of her daddy's fame yet?

Eminem: Yeah, she knows. She's six and she's getting the grasp of that whole thing. She's starting to realize. She goes to school like, 'My dad's on TV,' and these other kids, their dads aren't on TV.

MTV: Hailie is becoming a mini celeb in her own right. She seemed really comfortable recording "My Dad's Gone Crazy." Do you see her following in your footsteps and making music when she gets older?

Eminem: When she's 25, maybe she can. She's gotta grow up first. She scares me a little bit 'cause she's got that "little star" quality.

MTV: So will Hailie be getting any siblings anytime soon? Maybe you could spearhead a hip-hop Partridge family.

Eminem: No more kids. I'm good with Hailie. I'll spoil her and give her everything I never had. I have other family members that I take care of and want to take care of, but as far as kids, I'm cool. No more, one is enough.

MTV: As you approach the big 3-0, are you getting this whole parenting thing down pat? How would you rate yourself as a father?
"I'm a father before I'm Eminem." Eminem: I do the best I can right now. I truly believe I'm doing the right thing and I do a good job. I'm a father before anything. I'm a father before I pick up the mic. I'm a father before I'm Eminem. Of course I'm not the perfect parent. There may be things I'm doing wrong and I'll find out in 10, 15 years, but right now I'm doing the best job I can and that's all I can do.

MTV: As much as she depends on you, in "Say Goodbye Hollywood" you liken Hailie to sort of your lifeline, saying "I gotta get up, thank God/ I got a little girl/ And I'm a responsible father/ So not a lot of good I'd be to my daughter/ Layin' in the bottom of the mud ..." Do you think that your daughter has saved your life?

Eminem: I think that in a roundabout way she did save my life. I always had drive coming up and I always wanted to make it as a rapper. That was my dream. But when she was born, it was the reality of "I have to do this." I had nothing else. I had no high school education. I want her to be able to grow up and look back on this and be like - whether people agree with it or not - "My dad put me on a song. My dad wrote songs for me, my dad said my name all over the place." I want her to be able to look back in magazines and everything and just know. I don't ever wanna be like my father was to me.

Isn't it funny that I like u so much and u don't even know? Maybe I should just let u go.