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Unfortunately,everybody acuses Eminem's music for being violent and to have a bad influence on young listeners....
But this ain't true.....
Here's one of the many proofs that Eminem's music is not as bad as some of you think!



PARENTS are forever complaining that teenagers play their music loud enough to wake the dead, but for two families, at least, it's worked in their favour.

A Northumberland mother says her 12-year-old daughter came out of a coma after hearing Eminem through a set of headphones.
Dione Armstrong was in a critical condition after suffering head injuries in a car accident.
Her mother Karen says she opened her eyes after 11 days on a life support machine when she was played an Eminem tape.
Mrs Armstrong, of Cramlington, said: "Eminem is helping to save her life. The minute I put on that music she was moving her hands."
The tape was played through headphones in case other children on the ward were offended by his controversial lyrics.
Songs played to Dione include Stan - the tale of an obsessive fan which includes themes of mutilation and murder.
Mrs Armstrong told the Newcastle Evening Chronicle: "She is such a big fan. Every night she puts him on the ghetto blaster at home and goes to sleep to him."
The youngster is now off the critical list and recovering on a normal ward at Newcastle General Hospital.

"Rap star Eminem has brought a teenager who 'died' five times out of a coma," reports the Star. "He sent Claire Derbyshire, 17, a bandana, CDs, signed pictures of himself and a limited edition doll to help her recovery."
The paper writes that relatives played the works of Marshall Mathers to Claire as she lay in her hospital bed, close to death after catching meningitis. Clearly desperate, they also played the music of other chart-toppers, such as Atomic Kitten, Destiny's Child, Blue and A1 in a bid to aid the Manchester girl's recovery.
But it was the rapper's soothing and life-affirming lyrics that struck a chord deep in her subconscious, and her family "were amazed when the songs miraculously stirred her back to life".
"Her eyes lit up and she was overcome, especially when she received the gifts from Eminem," says her aunt, Julie Widall, who had spent days on the phone persuading the stars to help. "It was the first time in 17 weeks that she was awake. It was just unbelievable."