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* Members: (clockwise from top left) Bizarre, Eminem, Kon Artis, Kuniva, Proof, and Swift
* Real Names: Rufus Johnson (Bizarre), Marshall Bruce Mathers III (Eminem), Denaun Porter (Kon Artis), Von Carlisle (Kuniva), DeShaun Holton (Proof), and Ondre Moore (Swift)
* From: Detroit, Michigan
* Info: D12 are the group fronted by Eminem. They have caused controversy over their explicit lyrics and frequent drug references. Em has known all of the members long before he was famous, and he joined D12 back in the early nineties after Proof and Bizarre founded the group. D12 can stand for either Dirty Dozen or Detroit Twelve. Former member Bugz, real name Karnail Paul Pitts, was murdered in 1999, before D12 became famous.
* Most Recent Album: D12 World (2004)
* Website:



Members: 50 Cent, Lloyd Banks, Tony Yayo, Young Buck
Real Names: Curtis James Jackson III (50 Cent), Christopher Lloyd (Lloyd Banks), Marvin Bernard (Tony Yayo), David Darnell Brown (Young Buck)
From: Queens, New York
Info: Eminem is good friends with 50 Cent, and G-Unit is 50's crew. In 2003, Eminem and Dr. Dre signed 50 to their labels after Eminem heard 50 on a mixtape.50, Banks, and Yayo are all from Queens, but Young Buck is from Nashville, Tennessee. They are one of the most popular rap groups today, with both a clothing line and a porn film made in their name. All members except for Tony Yayo have released solo albums.
Most Recent Album: Beg For Mercy (2003)



* Real Name: Andre Romel Young
* Born: Compton, California in 1965
* Other Names: Dre, Doc Dre
* Info: Dr. Dre reps Compton, California. He is probably one of the best rap producers ever. He also has a great eye for talent, having helped start the careers of Snoop Dogg, Xzibit, Eminem, Knocturnal, 50 Cent, and now The Game. Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine signed Eminem to Aftermath in 1999. Dr. Dre heard Em battling at the 1997 Rap Olympics, and when he listened to one of Eminem's tapes he found in his studio, he immediately signed Eminem. Dr. Dre is now Eminem's main producer and he has appeared on many of Eminem's songs. Dr. Dre was also member of NWA, the legendary pioneers of gangsta rap. Before NWA, he was a member of the World Class Wreckin Cru, along with fellow NWA member DJ Yella. Dr. Dre is credited with creating the G-Funk style, and he is the top west-coast producer.
* Most Recent Album: 2001 (1999)
* Website:



* Born: Detroit, Michigan in 1977
* Info: "Obie Trice, Real name, no gimmicks!" He raps the Eastside of Detroit and has a daughter named Kobie. He was introduced to Eminem by Bizarre. Obie freestyled through Em's car window and Eminem ended up signing him.
* Most Recent Album: Cheers (2003)
* Website:



* Real Name: Jayceon Taylor
* Born: Compton, California in 1979
* Other Names: Game, Chuck Taylor
* Info: Probably the most anticipated west-coast rapper to come out in years, The Game is a Compton Blood. He was disovered by Dr. Dre and he got into rap after he was shot five times in his house by rival drug dealers. In his song "200 Bars and Runnin" he sticks up for Em regarding the tapes Eminem made when he was a teen that were claimed by The Source to be proof he was racist. He has (or has had) beef with fellow west-coast rapper Yukmouth, Joe Budden, and now The Source magazine.
* Most Recent Album: The Documentary (2005)
* Website:



Real Name: Dwayne Battle
Other Name: Zee
Info: Young Zee was a member of The Outsidaz along with Eminem and Bizarre, and he is from Newark, New Jersey, a.k.a "The Brick City". He has been featured on two Shady Records albums. His song, "That's My Nigga Fo' Real" was on the 8 Mile Soundtrack, and he is featured on the D12 World song, "Commercial Break".








* Real Name: Raymond Scott

* Other Name: ZNO

* Info: Benzino is a Boston rapper who co-owns The Source magazine. A former member of The Almighty RSO, he claims that Eminem is bad for hip hop, and that he is the public face of rich, white label owners. Eminem claims that Benzino's beef with him is only a publicity stunt because while Eminem is a successful rapper, Benzino hasn't even had a gold certified album (500,000 sales). The only albums he ever makes guest appearances on are The Source's Hip Hop Hits series, which is obvious and undeserved self-promotion. Benzino found old recordings of Eminem dissing black women and using the word 'nigger'. He held a press conference and put the tracks on a free CD that came packaged in with an issue of The Source. Eminem says that Benzino is just dissing him because he is white, which is probably true. However, Benzino is a hypocrite in this sense, because he himself is half black, (black mother, white father) and he co-owns The Source magazine with David Mays, who is white. Eminem recently tried to stop this beef with his song, "Toy Soldiers". Proving that Benzino's beef is just a publicity stunt, Benzino shot back with a new song and video, "Look Into My Eyes". At the beginning of the video, a person dressed in the same clothes as Eminem wears in the video of "Toy Soldiers" (bloody gray tracksuit and tuque) is talking to rich looking guy on the phone. It is obviously supposed to be Eminem and Jimmy Iovine, the head of Interscope Records. The Eminem impersonator says that he is scared after Proof's death and 'wants out'. The Jimmy impersonator tells him that everything is okay as long as 'people like us' aren't harmed. We assume he means white people, Jimmy and Eminem are white, and Proof is black, it is easy to see what is implied. The Jimmy character then says he will take care of it. The video then plays, which is generally unrelated to the beginning sequence, until the end when armed men burst into Benzino's apartment. Pictures of dead rappers flash onto the screen, and then Benzino is shot to death by the men. Basically, it means that Jimmy took care of it by having Benzino murdered. The beef is not over.

* Most Recent Album: Redemption (2002)

* Website:



Real Name: Jeffrey Atkins


Born: Queens, New York in 1976


Info: Ja Rule is a rapper from Hollis, Queens, New York. The Inc. is the label he is signed to, which used to be called Murder Inc. Ja Rule has beef with Eminem because Dr. Dre and Eminem signed 50 Cent to their labels, Aftermath Entertainment and Shady Records. Ja Rule and The Inc. have been enemies of 50 for a long time, and their feud has escalated to violence on more than one occasion. The Inc. threatened both Dr. Dre and Eminem and told them that if they let 50 diss them on his album, then there would be beef. 50 dissed Ja Rule several times on his album, Get Rich Or Die Tryin', so now Ja Rule and The Inc. are enemies of Eminem and Dr. Dre. After Ja Rule dissed Eminem by saying that Hailie Jade would grow up to be like Debbie and Kim, Eminem has responded on many songs, and even got Hailie in on it, when at the end of "Doe Rae Me" Hailie asks, 'Daddy, is Ja Rule taller than me?' and Eminem answers, 'No honey, you guys are the same size'.:))

Most Recent Album: R.U.L.E. (2004)


* Real Name: Germaine Williams

* Born: Jamaica in 1974

* Other Name: Rip The Jacker

* Info: Canibus is a rapper who has lived in Jamaica, The Bronx, Washington D.C., Miami, London, Atlanta, and New Jersey. Canibus has beef with Eminem because he thought that Eminem ghostwrote a song for LL Cool J, "The Ripper Strikes Back", which disses Canibus. LL Cool J and Canibus are enemies.

* Most Recent Album: Rip The Jacker (2003)

* Website:


* Real Name: Rashaam Attica Smith

* Born: Long Island, New York in 1977

* Other Names: The Boogie Man, The Unholy, Mr. Negativity

* Info: Esham is an underground Detroit rapper. He put Detroit on the map with his Acid Rap style of rapping. He is signed to Psychopathic Records, which is the Insane Clown Posse's label. In a backstage parking lot at a show in Camden, New Jersey on the Warped Tour in 2001, D12 and their entourage (minus Eminem) attacked Natas (minus Mastamind) and their entourage. D12 had Esham and TNT on the ground and were kicking them in the head and hitting them with rocks. Esham was seriously injured in the fight, sustaining injuries including a broken nose, a ruptured eyeball, a concussion, and hearing loss in his left ear. TNT was also badly injured, but not as badly as Esham. According to D12, the fight was started by Natas when they were harassing some of D12's guests, Esham said it was an unprovoked ambush. Both D12 and Natas were kicked off the 2001 Warped Tour.

* Most Recent Album: Repentance (2003)

* Website:


* Real Name: Erik Schrody

* Born: Long Island, New York in 1969

* Other Name: Whitey Ford

* Info: Everlast is a white rapper who is a former member of House of Pain. House of Pain was an Irish-American rap group in the early nineties. They were a 'one hit wonder', with their 1992 song "Jump Around". Since then, he has done rock-influenced rap music as a solo artist.

* Most Recent Album: White Trash Beautiful (2004)

* Website:


# Members: Violent J and Shaggy 2 Dope

# Real Names: Joseph Bruce (Violent J) and Joseph Utsler (Shaggy 2 Dope)

# Other Name: ICP

# Info: Together, Violent J (left) and Shaggy 2 Dope (right) make up the Detroit rock/rap group Insane Clown Posse. This beef started long before Eminem was famous. Eminem was promoting an event he was going to be at and was handing out flyers for an event he was performing at. Apparently, on the flyers it advertised that Insane Clown Posse would also be performing, which was untrue. Insane Clown Posse took offense to this, thinking he was trying to get people to come by using their name. They have been enemies ever since.

# Most Recent Album: Hell's Pit (2004)

# Website: