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We all know about Em's controversial relationship with his mom...let's see what she sais about it!


We've heard bad things about you in Eminem's music.What do you want
people to know?

That I'm not a bad person.I was a good mom, always there for Marshall,
and I'm hoping in time he will come back.

He says you were addicted to prescription pills True?

I was hit by a drunk driver in 1990.I did get painkillers then. The
steering wheel in my car came down on my throat, causing nerve
damage, I was a total mess. I couldn't swallow solid foods. I had to
drink Ensure.{took} Tyenol with codine.Darvocet,all kinds of
things.I'd put them under matresses to hide them. I guess that's where
he got all that from.

So what kind of mother were you?

I was an excellent mom. I was a foster mom. I had four other kids with
us. I even{helped} rasie Hailie for her first three years. I took in a
friend of Marshall's that was put on the street. I ran my own limo
service. I worked for a physician. I had my beautician's degree. If I
was so addicated to drugs, then how could I do all these things?

Why is the relationship so strained?

Kim.She moved in when she was 13.Marshall said she had no where else
to go.She stayed until she was 18..she would have awful tantrums; she
just wanted Marshall's attention all the time.There was always
jealousy. If Marshall and I were on the couch, she'd come sit between
us. She finally told him to choose between me or her.Marshall was
always like, "I can't put myself in the middle. You're my mom and
she's my girl." {During one argument,} I finally told her I didn't
want her in the house anymore. Marshall said, " if she't got to leave
then I'm leaving." That how the story started that I kicked him out.

Do You see Hailie?

No. Sometime when I go over( to drop off or pick up Nathan, Eminem's
half brother), she'll come running out to my car. But Marshall's
always like, "Hailie,get over there."

Does he give you money?

No. People think he supports me, but he doesn't (she is currently on
disability because of another recent car accident).Right now, I'm
living day by day.I'm living of my savings. and it's almost gone.It's
hard to get a job becasue they say, "Aren't you Eminem's mom? The one
he says is on drugs?" And I tell them that stuff's not true. They can
drugs test me or whatever.But it's making it real hard.

What's your relationship with Nathan?

Nathan and I are really close.Him and Marshall are the complete
opposite.. I was too lenient with Marshall. I think when {Nathan}
gets out there,he will do far better than Marshall{as a rapper}.Nathan
knows I will always be there for him 100 percent-just like I was for
his brother.