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Nathan-Eminem's little brother


Name Nathan Kane Mathers
Age 19
Date Of Birth 3rd February 1986
Siblings Half Brother (Eminem)
Pets Dog (Itchy)
car Camero
Fave Rappers Eminem, 50 cent, G unit, (Eminem & 50 cent inspire him to rap)
Wants to collaborate with Eminem, D12, 50 cent, G unit, Ashanti, Nas & Britney Spears!
Fave colour Blue
Fave School Subjects Science & English
Fave Sport Basketball & Football
Fave Celebs Cris Rock, Jim Cary, Eddie Murphy
Fave Songs "Rap Game", "Superman", "When The Music Stops"
Least Fave Rapper Fat Joe, Rakim
Hobbies Writing Rhymes, going to the mall, and watching movies.
Fave Clothing Designer Phat Farm & enyce, shoes: Jordans & Nikes
Hidden Talents Acting

Alaina-Eminem's niece,Kim's twin sister's daughter


Name: Alaina Marie Scott
Birthday: May 3, 1993
Parents: Dawn Scott and Unknown
Lives: Oakland Township
Attends: Cherokee elementary
Siblings: brothers- P.J. And her twin brother Adam, unfortunately Adam is sick, the reason being because dawn his mum did drugs...Adam now lives with his Father.

Facts about Alaina

* Alaina's favorite shows are Spongebob, Hey Arnold and TRL.
* Alaina has brown hair with blonde high lights.
* Alaina loves when her Aunt Kim takes her and Hailie to school.
* Alaina's favorite color is neon blue
* Alaina has a half brother named Adam that is handicap that she is not allowed to see.
* Alaina's real last name is Scott but she spells her name ''Alaina Mathers" on her school papers.
* Marshall has custody of Alaina.
* Alaina has a half cousin named Whitney
* Her best friend is her 9-year-old cousin Hailie Jade.